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Etymology 1[edit]

First attested 1932, abbreviation of pictures, first used in Variety magazine, along with other similar words that the magazine calls slanguage [1].


pix (plural only)

  1. (informal) Plural form of pic in the sense of "picture".
    • 1946, “Palisades Notes”, in The Billboard, Nielsen Business Media, Inc., ISSN 0006-2510, Volume 58, Number 37 (1946 September 14), page 82:
      Annual photo contest has brought in some pix by amateurs which are definitely in the professional category.
    • 1978, response to a letter to the editor, in American Motorcyclist, American Motorcyclist Association, ISSN 0277-9358, Volume 32, Number 2 (1978 February), page 4:
      Photo selection can be tricky with space limitations, Arthur, and we blew that one. Hope the Scott pix in our January issue made you feel better about this.
    • 2010, Lynn Powell, Framing Innocence: A Mother’s Photographs, a Prosecutor’s Zeal, and a Small Town’s Response, The New Press, ISBN 978-1-59558-551-6, pages 15–16:
      He nervously wrote down Amy’s instructions for what to say and how to behave if the police came back with a search warrant:
      • []
      • take pix of damage afterward
  2. Specifically, motion pictures; movies.

Etymology 2[edit]


pix (plural pixes)

  1. A variant of pyx



From Proto-Indo-European *pik- (resin), from Proto-Indo-European *pi- (sap, juice). Cognate with Ancient Greek πίσσα (píssa, pitch, tar), Lithuanian pikis (pitch), Latin pīnus (pine). More at pine.


pix f (genitive picis); third declension

  1. pitch, tar


Third declension.

Number Singular Plural
nominative pix picēs
genitive picis picum
dative picī picibus
accusative picem picēs
ablative pice picibus
vocative pix picēs

Related terms[edit]





  1. rafsi of pinxe.