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Alternative forms[edit]


From post- +‎ modern.


postmodern (comparative more postmodern, superlative most postmodern)

  1. Of, relating to, or having the characteristics of postmodernism, especially as represented in art, architecture, literature, science, or philosophy that reacts against an earlier modernism.
    • 1937, John Q. Stewart, "An Astronomer Looks at the Modern Epoch," The Scientific Monthly, vol. 44, no. 5 (May), page 402,
      The nearer is a fact to the temporary limits of knoweldge, the more implicated becomes this regression and the more blurred ought to be statement of fact. Bridgman of Harvard recently has emphasized this conclusion, but his postmodern position has as yet made small impression.
    • 2001, Kristen Renwick Monroe, "Paradigm Shift: From Rational Choice to Perspective," International Political Science Review, vol. 22, no. 2. (Apr), page 167 n22,
      What I am objecting to is that aspect of postmodern thought that rejects the idea of any objective reality.
    • 2005, Janet R. Barrett, "Planning for Understanding: A Reconceptualized View of the Music Curriculum," Music Educators Journal, vol. 91, no. 4. (Mar), page 25,
      For an illustration of the differences between the traditional, positivist curriculum and the more postmodern reconceptualized curriculum, see Hanley and Montgomery.

Derived terms[edit]



postmodern (plural postmoderns)

  1. A postmodernist.
    • 2009 October 3, Claudia La Rocco, “Where All the World’s a Fashion Show”, in New York Times[1]:
      Trajal Harrell frames his program notes for “Twenty Looks or Paris Is Burning at the Judson Church (S)” with the potentially academic question, “What would have happened in 1963 if someone from the ball scene in Harlem had come downtown to perform alongside the early postmoderns at Judson Church?”


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post- +‎ modern



  1. postmodern


Inflection of postmodern
Indefinite Positive Comparative Superlative2
Common singular postmodern
Neuter singular postmodernt
Plural postmoderna
Definite Positive Comparative Superlative
Masculine singular1 postmoderne
All postmoderna
1) Only used, optionally, to refer to things whose natural gender is masculine.
2) The indefinite superlative forms are only used in the predicative.

Related terms[edit]