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From the same stem as the verb sūkt (to suck), of which it was originally the iterative form.[1]


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sūkāt tr., 2nd conj., pres. sūkāju, sūkā, sūkā, past sūkāju

  1. to suck (to keep in one's mouth and make it wet with saliva, e.g. when preparing to swallow it, or to suck it several times)
    Tils Rūmnieks negribīgi sūkāja stjuartes piedāvāto konfektiTils Rūmnieks reluctantly sucked the candy offered by the stewardess
    Uldis guļ gultā un sūkā pudelītiUldis (the baby) lies in bed and sucks the little bottle
  2. to suck on, to suckle (to put in one's mouth and make suction, sucking motion)
    iebāž mutē mazu, sārtu pirkstu; sūkā to, bet pār apaļajiem vaigiem joprojām rit lielas, dzidras asaru lāses(she) puts in (her) mouth the little pink finger; she sucks (on) it, while on (her) round cheeks clear, big tear drops (slowly) flowed
  3. to suck several times
    Leksis bezrūpīgi sūkā papirosuLeksis cheerfully sucks (his) cigarette




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