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Turkish saz, from Persian ساز (sâz).


saz (plural sazes or sazzes)

  1. The baglama.




Etymology 1[edit]

From Ottoman Turkish ساز (sāz, a stringed musical instrument), from Old Anatolian Turkish [script needed] (sāz, musical instrument), from Persian ساز (sâz).


saz (definite accusative sazı, plural sazlar)

  1. (music) baglama
  2. (music, uncommon) instruments in general
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From Ottoman Turkish صاز (saz, rush, reed), from Old Anatolian Turkish [script needed] (sāz),[1] from Proto-Turkic *siāŕ (marsh, dirt).[2] Compare Hungarian sár (mud), a Turkic borrowing. From an early date “reed”, as a plant growing in marshy environments, replaced the original sense, therefore صازلق (sazlık, marsh, marshy place, swamp) was also interpreted as “reed, rush bed”.[1] See Turkish sazlık (marshy place, reed bed), compare Uyghur سازلىق (sazliq, swamp), Kyrgyz саздак (sazdak, swamp), Turkmen sāzlyk (reed bed, rubbish place overgrown with plants).


saz (definite accusative sazı, plural sazlar)

  1. (botany) rush, bulrush; cattail; sedge; reed
Related terms[edit]


saz (comparative daha saz, superlative en saz)

  1. (not comparable) made of rushes, bulrushes, cattails, sedge, or reeds
  2. (comparable, archaic) pale
    Saz benizliPale faced


Nominative saz
Definite accusative sazı
Singular Plural
Nominative saz sazlar
Definite accusative sazı sazları
Dative saza sazlara
Locative sazda sazlarda
Ablative sazdan sazlardan
Genitive sazın sazların
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
1st singular sazım sazlarım
2nd singular sazın sazların
3rd singular sazı sazları
1st plural sazımız sazlarımız
2nd plural sazınız sazlarınız
3rd plural sazları sazları


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