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s- +‎ cavalcare (to ride)



  1. (transitive) to unsaddle (throw from the saddle)
  2. (transitive) to pass over; to overcome (an obstacle, difficulty, etc.)
  3. (transitive) to overtake; to climb over; to leapfrog
    1. to ignore or disobey a hierarchy or chain of command
      ho scavalcato il capufficio e sono andato dal direttore
      I climbed over the head clerk and went straight for the manager
    2. to get a better-paid or more prestigious job position
      è riuscito a scavalcare i colleghi più anziani
      he was able to overtake his more elderly colleagues
  4. (transitive, politics) (of a politician, etc.) to adopt views further to the extreme of their party; to become polarized
    scavalcare il partito a sinistra
    to become polarized further to the left of the party
  5. (intransitive, archaic) to get off (a horse)


Derived terms[edit]