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A Scissor


Altered from scissors; ultimately from Latin caedere (to cut); current spelling influenced by Latin scindere (to split).



scissor (plural scissors)

  1. (rare) One blade on a pair of scissors.
  2. (India) Scissors.
  3. (noun adjunct) Used in certain noun phrases to denote a thing resembling the action of scissors, as scissor kick, scissor hold (wrestling), scissor jack.

Derived terms[edit]



scissor (third-person singular simple present scissors, present participle scissoring, simple past and past participle scissored)

  1. To cut using, or as if using scissors.
  2. To excise or expunge something from a text.
    The erroneous testimony was scissored from the record.
  3. To move something like a pair of scissors, especially the legs.
    The runner scissored over the hurdles.
  4. To engage in scissoring (tribadism), a sexual act in which two women intertwine their legs and rub their vulvas against each other.
  5. (skating) To skate with one foot significantly in front of the other.