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From Ottoman Turkish سكمك (sikmek, to fuck, to have sexual congress with, to injure seriously, ruin), from Proto-Turkic *sik- (to copulate). Cognate with Azeri sikmək (to fuck), Karakhanid [script needed] (sik-), Kazakh сігу (sigw, to fuck), Old Turkic [script needed] (sik-), Turkmen sikmek (to fuck), Uzbek sikmoq (to fuck).


  • IPA(key): [sɪcˈmɛc]
  • Hyphenation: sik‧mek


sikmek (third-person singular simple present siker)

  1. (vulgar) to fuck, to screw
    Fırsatı varken beni neden sikmediğini anlayamıyorum.I can't understand why he/she didn't fuck me while he/she had the chance.
    Bahtsız bedeviyi çölde kutup ayısı siker.The unlucky bedouin gets fucked by a polar bear in the desert.
    (Turkish proverb)
  2. (vulgar, figuratively) to destroy, to ruin, to fuck up, to screw up
    sikip atmakto fuck and then throw away

Usage notes[edit]

This word should not be confused with similar word sıkmak, which uses a dotless ı. See the usage notes at sikilmek, sikişmek.



Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]

  • sik (penis)

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