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From an aphetic variant of distaccare (to separate, detach) from Middle French destacher (to detach) from Old French destachier (to detach) from des- +‎ attachier (to attach), alteration of estachier (to fasten with or to a stake, lay claim to) from estache (a stake), from Low Frankish *stakka (stake), from Proto-Germanic *stakkaz, *stakkô (stick, stake), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)teg- (stick, stake). Akin to Old High German stecko (post) (German Stecken (stick)), Old Saxon stekko (stake), Old Norse stakkr (hay stack, heap), Old English staca (stake). More at stake.


staccare (da)

  1. to remove, take or take down (from)
  2. to tear out (pages from a book)
  3. to separate or divide
  4. to unyoke or unharness (draught animals)
  5. to uncouple (a train)
  6. to distance or leave behind (a runner etc)
  7. to knock off (work (intransitive))



Derived terms[edit]