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Inherited from Latin supponere. Cognate with English suppose.


  • IPA(key): /supoˈneɾ/ [su.poˈneɾ]
  • Rhymes: -eɾ
  • Syllabification: su‧po‧ner



suponer (first-person singular present supongo, first-person singular preterite supuse, past participle supuesto)

  1. to suppose, to surmise, to assume, to guess, to imagine, to figure, to say, to take it
    Supongamos que no quiere ser encontrado. ¿Entonces qué?
    Let's say he doesn't want to be found. What then?
    Supongo que este es tu primer viaje de campamento.
    I take it this is your first camping trip.
  2. to presume, to expect
  3. to comprise, make up
  4. to pose (e.g. a risk, a threat, a danger)
  5. to mean, to imply, to represent
    Synonym: implicar
  6. to involve, to entail
    Synonyms: implicar, entrañar
  7. to hypothesize
  8. (reflexive) to assume (without a specified subject)
  9. (reflexive) to be assumed
  10. (reflexive) to be meant, to be supposed
    La vida se supone que sea equilibrada.
    Life is supposed to be balanced.



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