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Back-formation from telepedik. Created during the Hungarian language reform which took place in the 18th–19th centuries.


  • IPA(key): [ˈtɛlɛp]
  • Hyphenation: te‧lep


telep (plural telepek)

  1. rig
  2. yard
  3. plantation
  4. ranch


Inflection (stem in -e-, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative telep telepek
accusative telepet telepeket
dative telepnek telepeknek
instrumental teleppel telepekkel
causal-final telepért telepekért
translative teleppé telepekké
terminative telepig telepekig
essive-formal telepként telepekként
inessive telepben telepekben
superessive telepen telepeken
adessive telepnél telepeknél
illative telepbe telepekbe
sublative telepre telepekre
allative telephez telepekhez
elative telepből telepekből
delative telepről telepekről
ablative teleptől telepektől
Possessive forms of telep
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. telepem telepeim
2nd person sing. teleped telepeid
3rd person sing. telepe telepei
1st person plural telepünk telepeink
2nd person plural telepetek telepeitek
3rd person plural telepük telepeik

Derived terms[edit]

(Compound words):