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From Proto-Vietic *-bəːʔ; from Old Chinese (OC *mə.bəʔ) (B-S) (SV: phụ). Shorto considers "vợ" a native word, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *(ʔ)boʔ (mother).[1] This is not likely, considering the lack of cognates in both the more conservative Vietic languages and the neighbouring Austroasiatic branches.

This is now the main word for "wife" in most Vietnamse dialects, although the North Central dialects chiefly use gấy, a word related to gái (girls, women) and cái (female).



vợ (𡞕)

  1. wife
    vợ chồngwife and husband; a married couple
    vợ chồng A PhủA Phủ and his wife
    bố/mẹ vợwife's father/mother

Usage notes[edit]

  • In vợ chồng (wife and husband), chú (paternal aunt and her husband) and cậu (you girls and boys), the words for women always come first. In most other phrases, the words for males usually come first, except in certain poetic contexts (e.g. mẹ cha (mum and dad) as opposed to the usual cha mẹ (dad and mum)).

Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms


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