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From Middle High German zellen, from Old High German zellen, zellan, from Proto-Germanic *taljaną (to count) (compare Low German tellen, Dutch tellen, English tell, Danish tælle).


  • IPA(key): /ˈt͡sɛːln̩/, /ˈtsɛːlən/
  • (file)


zählen (third-person singular simple present zählt, past tense zählte, past participle gezählt, auxiliary haben)

  1. to count (to determine the number of objects in a group)
  2. to count (to enumerate the digits of one's numeral system)
  3. to count (to be of significance; to matter)
    Jede Stimme zählt.Every vote counts.
  4. to count, to be reckoned (to be an example of something)
    • 2010, Der Spiegel, issue 34/2010, page 131:
      Der Autosalon in Moskau zählt zu den internationalen Schaubühnen für Fahrzeuginteressierte mit unbegrenzten Ansprüchen.
      The motor show in Moskow is reckoned among the international stages for people interested in vehicles with unlimited demands.
  5. To have the quantity specified by the grammatical object as the total amount of the subject.
    Die Stadt zählt etwa 13.000 Einwohner.
    The town has approximately 13,000 inhabitants.


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