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From Proto-Italic *jakēō, Stative counterpart of iacio (to throw). The meaning must have shifted from “I am thrown down” to “I lie”.

Alternative forms[edit]



present active iaceō, present infinitive iacēre, perfect active iacuī, supine iacitum

  1. I lie prostrate, lie down; recline.
    Cur in terra iaces? — “Why are you lying on the ground?”
  2. I am sick, lie ill.
  3. I linger, stop, tarry, remain.
  4. I am placed or situated, lie.
  5. I am low, flat or level.
  6. I lie still.
  7. I have fallen, lie dead.
  8. I lie in ruins.
  9. I hang down loose.
  10. (of the face or eyes) I am fixed on the ground or cast down.
  11. I am indolent, idle or inactive.
  12. I am of no avail, lie dormant or abandoned.
  13. I lie overthrown; I am refuted, fail; I am despised.
  14. (of speech or language) I am languid, dull or lifeless.


Derived terms[edit]



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