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  • IPA(key): [vas]
  • (file)


Вас (Vas) (personal)

  1. Full form of the polite second-person singular or plural pronoun in the accusative case, used as the direct object of a verb; you.
    Господин Димитров, каним Вас и Вашата съпруга на сватбата на нашата дъщеря.
    Gospodin Dimitrov, kanim Vas i Vašata sǎpruga na svatbata na našata dǎšterja.
    Mr. Dimitrov, we invite you and your wife to our daughter's wedding.
  2. The polite second-person singular or plural pronoun in the prepositional case, used as the object of a preposition; you.
    Може ли да седна до Вас, госпожо Петрова?
    Može li da sedna do Vas, gospožo Petrova?
    Can I sit next to you, Mrs. Petrova?

Usage notes[edit]

  • The personal pronoun Вие (Vie) and its forms Вас (Vas) and Ви (Vi) are comparable to French vous, German Sie, and are used not only in the informal plural sense, but also as the formal singular and plural, in which case they are always capitalised. The formal Вие (Vie) is appropriate with strangers, business contacts, and all but one's friends. (The informal ти (ti) should only be used with close family and friends.)

Related terms[edit]



Вас (Vas)

  1. Long direct object form of Вие (Vie).

Usage notes[edit]

  • This pronoun form often incorrectly replaces the indirect object form "Вам".