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From Proto-Turkic *bat-. Cognate with Turkish bat-, Kazakh бату (batu), Yakut бат (bat).


пут (put)

  1. to sink
  2. to drown
  3. to get bogged down

Further reading[edit]

  • “пут”, in Электронлă сăмахсар[2] (in Russian-Chuvash, Chuvash-Russian), 1996.



From Proto-Finno-Ugric *pata (cauldron, pot).[1] Possibly from the extinct Indo-European language close to the Balto-Slavic family, cf. Lithuanian púodas (pot, saucepan).[2] Cognates Proto-Finnic *pata, Hungarian fazék.


пут (pūt)

  1. cauldron



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пут (putf inan pl

  1. genitive of пу́ты (púty)


Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Slavic *pǫtь, from Proto-Indo-European *ponth₂-.



пу̑т m (Latin spelling pȗt)

  1. road
    пут за Сарајево — road to Sarajevo
    гд(ј)е води овај пут? — where does this road lead?
  2. way
    овим путем — this way
    ићи правим путем — to go the right way
    водени пут — waterway
    ићи својим путем — to go one's own way
    стати некоме на пут — to stand in somebody's way
    терет је на путу — cargo is on the way
    мичи ми се с пута! — get out of my way!
    најкраћи пут до болнице — the shortest way to the hospital
    на пола пута до школе — halfway to the school
  3. path
    крчити пут — to clear a path
    пут до усп(ј)еха — the path to success
  4. trip, journey
    ићи на пут — to go on a trip
    бити на путу — to be on a trip
    пут око св(иј)ета — a trip around the world
    пословни пут — a business trip
  5. figurative and idiomatic senses
    судским путем — by legal means
    службеним/званичним путем — through official channels
    Мл(иј)ечни пут — Milky Way

Etymology 2[edit]

From Proto-Slavic *plъtь.



пу̏т f (Latin spelling pȕt)

  1. complexion, skin hue, tan
    св(иј)етла пут — fair complexion/tan
    тамна пут — dark complexion/tan
    црна пут — black complexion/tan
  2. body as a totality of physical properties and sensitivities
    млада пут — a young body
    гладна пут — a hungry body

Etymology 3[edit]

From пу̑т (road, path, way).



пу̑т (Latin spelling pȗt) (+ genitive case)

  1. to, toward
    пут Сарајеваtoward Sarajevo
    пут школеto school
    Возимо се пут села.We are driving toward the village.
    Кренуо сам пут града.I went toward the city.

Etymology 4[edit]

From пу̑т (road, path, way).

Alternative forms[edit]



пу̑т (Latin spelling pȗt)

  1. time (with adjectives, ordinals and demonstratives indicating order in the sequence of actions or occurrences)
    први пут — the first time, for the first time
    други пут — the second time, for the second time; another time
    овај пут — this time
    сљедећи/следећи пут — the next time
    посљедњи/последњи пут — the last time
    по стоти пут — for the hundredth time
    сваки пут — every time