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चरण ‎(caraṇan, m

  1. foot (Gobh., Mn., Bādar. MBh., etc.)
  2. pillar, support (Hariv.)
  3. tree root (L.)
  4. पाद ‎(pāda, metrical foot)
  5. dactyl
  6. section, division (Bhpr., Sarvad.)
  7. school or branch of the Veda
  8. going-about, course (RV., ŚBr.)
  9. acting, managing, performance, observance (AV., ŚBr. ŚāṅkhŚr. VP.)
  10. behavior (KāṭyŚr., ChUp.)
  11. good conduct (Kauś., MBh., Lalit.)
  12. practicing (Gobh., Nal.)
  13. grazing, eating (W., L.)
  14. a certain high number (Buddh., L.)



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