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  • IPA(key): /səˈmɑː.d̪ʱiː/


समाधि (samādhif

  1. grave, tomb, mausoleum



समाधि (sam-ādhim

  1. putting together, joining or combining with (+ instrumental)
  2. a joint or a particular position of the neck
  3. union, a whole, aggregate, set
  4. completion, accomplishment, conclusion
  5. setting to rights, adjustment, settlement
  6. justification of a statement, proof
  7. bringing into harmony, agreement, assent
  8. intense application or fixing the mind on, intentness, attention
    समाधिं-कृणोति (samādhiṃ-√kṛ) — to attend
  9. samadhi: concentration of the thoughts, profound or abstract meditation, intense contemplation of any particular object (so as to identify the contemplator with the object meditated upon; this is the eighth and last stage of yoga; with Buddhists samadhi is the fourth and last stage of ध्यान (dhyāna) or intense abstract meditation; in the कारण्डव्यूह (kāraṇḍa-vyūha) several samadhi are enumerated)
  10. intense absorption or a kind of trance
  11. a sanctuary or tomb of a saint
  12. (rhetorics) name of various figures of speech (defined as आरोहावरोहक्रम (ārohā-varohakrama), अर्थदृष्टि (artha-dṛṣṭi), अन्यधर्माणाम् (anya-dharmāṇām), अन्यत्राधिरोहण (anyatrā-dhirohaṇa) etc.)
  13. name of the 17th कल्प (kalpa), of the 17th अर्हत् (arhat) of the future उत्सर्पिणी (utsarpiṇī)
  14. name of a Vaishya
  15. silence
  16. a religious vow of intense devotion or self-imposed abstraction
  17. support
  18. upholding
  19. continuance
  20. perseverance in difficulties
  21. attempting impossibilities
  22. collecting or laying up grain in times of dearth
  23. attentive
  24. making a promise or assent or permission


Masculine i-stem declension of समाधि
Nom. sg. समाधिः (samādhiḥ)
Gen. sg. समाधेः (samādheḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative समाधिः (samādhiḥ) समाधी (samādhī) समाधयः (samādhayaḥ)
Vocative समाधे (samādhe) समाधी (samādhī) समाधयः (samādhayaḥ)
Accusative समाधिम् (samādhim) समाधी (samādhī) समाधीन् (samādhīn)
Instrumental समाधिना (samādhinā) समाधिभ्याम् (samādhibhyām) समाधिभिः (samādhibhiḥ)
Dative समाधये (samādhaye) समाधिभ्याम् (samādhibhyām) समाधिभ्यः (samādhibhyaḥ)
Ablative समाधेः (samādheḥ) समाधिभ्याम् (samādhibhyām) समाधिभ्यः (samādhibhyaḥ)
Genitive समाधेः (samādheḥ) समाध्योः (samādhyoḥ) समाधीनाम् (samādhīnām)
Locative समाधौ (samādhau) समाध्योः (samādhyoḥ) समाधिषु (samādhiṣu)