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◌̔ U+0314, ̔
Combining Diacritical Marks ◌̕
See also: ʽ

Ancient Greek[edit]

A gray lowercase alpha with a red rough breathing.


From a small version of the letter heta (Ͱ) written over the letter as a diacritical mark.

Diacritical mark[edit]


  1. A diacritical mark of the Greek script, called δασεῖα (daseîa, rough) in Ancient Greek, and found on ()/ (), ()/ (), ()/ () and ()/ (). It is also known by its Latin name spīritus asper or the English name rough breathing. It was originally used to indicate the presence of the sound /h/ before a vowel or /r/ but continued to be used even after /h/ had disappeared from the language.

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