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See also: core, Core, CORE, Coré, côre, çore, and co-r.e.



Derived from hardcore (hardcore punk; a particularly fast and intense form of punk rock).



  1. (music) Denoting a genre of music, especially one influenced by hardcore music.
    Coordinate terms: -step, -wave
    gloom + ‎-core → ‎gloomcore
    metal + ‎-core → ‎metalcore
    rap + ‎-core → ‎rapcore
    speed + ‎-core → ‎speedcore
  2. (rare, by extension) Denoting a genre, movement, subculture, or group.
    maso(chist) + ‎-core → ‎masocore (a genre of games where survival and winning are intentionally made extremely difficult)
    mumble + ‎-core → ‎mumblecore (an American independent film movement or subgenre, characterised by low-budget production, etc.)
    nerd + ‎-core → ‎nerdcore (the most dedicated nerds)
    homo + ‎-core → ‎homocore (an artistic and musical movement dealing with issues of sexual and gender prejudice)
  3. (chiefly Internet slang) Denoting an aesthetic or vibe.
    cottage + ‎-core → ‎cottagecore
    grandma + ‎-core → ‎grandmacore
    norm + ‎-core → ‎normcore
    trauma + ‎-core → ‎traumacore

Derived terms[edit]

  • core ("an aesthetic ending in the suffix -core")