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From Latin -uto, the ablative of -utus. Cognate to Portuguese -udo, Italian -uto and French -u. See French -u.


-udo m (feminine -uda, plural -udos, feminine plural -udas)

  1. A suffix appended to nouns to form adjectives (which can also be used as nouns), to indicate that someone or something has attributes such as existence or abundance, and sometimes indicates habits or attitudes, similar to English suffixes -y, -ous:
    (existence): melenudo (from melena)
    (abundance): peludo (from pelo)
    (resemblance): masudo (from masa)
    (habit): sombrerudo (from sombrero)
    (attitude): berrinchudo (from berrinche)
  1. (El Salvador, Honduras) A suffix appended to nouns of parts of the body to derive adjectives relating to having a big example of such parts:
    dientudo ('(a boy, a woman,etc.) with big teeth', from diente), piernudo ('with big legs', from pierna)

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