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From Middle High German visch, from Old High German fisk, fisc, from Proto-Germanic *fiskaz, from Proto-Indo-European *pisḱ- (fish). Cognate to Dutch vis, English fish, Old Norse fiskr.



Fisch m (genitive Fisches or Fischs, plural Fische, diminutive Fischchen n or Fischlein n)

  1. (countable) fish (clood-blooded vertebrate animal living in water)
    Wir haben jeder einen Fisch gefangen.
    Each one of us has caught a fish.
  2. (countable, archaic or loosely) fish (any animal or any vertebrate living exclusively in water)
    Ob ein Wal ein Fisch ist, hängt von der Definition ab.
    Whether a whale is a fish depends on the definition.
  3. (uncountable) fish (food)
    Freitags essen viele Leute Fisch.
    Many people eat fish on Fridays.


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