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From Middle High German riviere (undeveloped area; hunting ground; river), borrowed, probably through Middle Dutch riviere (river; riverside used for hunting birds), from Old French riviere (idem), from Latin riparia (riverside). Cognate with modern Dutch rivier, English river, modern French rivière.



Revier n (genitive Reviers, plural Reviere)

  1. defined area of land, principally used for hunting or foraging
    1. (forestry) grounds; hunting ground; chase
      Der Jäger kennt jeden Baum in seinem Revier.
      The huntsman knows every tree in his grounds.
    2. (zoology) territory (area that an animal defends against intruders)
      Manche Einzelgänger dulden keine andern Männchen in ihrem Revier.
      Some solitary animals do not tolerate any other males in their territory.
  2. (by extension) defined area; district
    1. (mining) region where a certain resource is won
      Kohlenreviercoal-mining area
    2. (law enforcement) precinct; district
      In diesem Revier haben wir vor allem mit Einbrüchen zu tun.
      In this precinct, we are mostly concerned with burglaries.
    3. (totum pro parte) police station
      Wir nehmen Sie jetzt mit aufs Revier, um Ihre Aussage aufzunehmen.
      We’re taking you to the station now to record your account.
    4. (also military) area to be overseen or cleaned by someone
      Keiner fährt ins Wochenende, bis alle Reviere sauber sind.
      Nobody will leave for the weekend until all the areas have been cleaned.
    5. (figuratively, informal) field of expertise; scope of responsibility
      Das ist nicht mein Revier.That’s not my field.

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