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w {n}  :: See under W
W {letter}  :: The twenty-third letter of the Latin alphabet, called doppia vu or vu doppia in Italian
W {symbol}  :: viva, evviva (up with)
wad {m} [mineralogy]  :: wad (manganese ore)
wafer {m}  :: wafer (biscuit and electronic component)
wagneriano {adj}  :: Wagnerian
wahabismo {m}  :: alternative form of wahhabismo
wahabita {m}  :: alternative form of wahhabita
wahhabismo {m}  :: Wahhabism
wahhabita {adj}  :: Wahhabite
wahhabita {mf}  :: Wahhabite
walchiria {f}  :: alternative spelling of valchiria
Walhalla {n}  :: Valhalla
walkiria {f}  :: alternative spelling of valchiria
wallaby {m}  :: wallaby
wallisiano {adj}  :: Wallisian
walser {adj}  :: Walser
walser {mf}  :: Walser
Walter {prop}  :: given name
walzer {m}  :: waltz (variant of valzer)
wappante {v}  :: present participle of wappare
wappare {v}  :: To connect to the Internet using a mobile phone that supports WAP
warrant {m}  :: warrant (document or certificate)
Washington {prop}  :: The letter W in the Italian phonetic alphabet
Washington {prop}  :: Washington
water {m} [colloquial]  :: water closet, toilet
water {m}  :: toilet bowl
waterloo {m}  :: Waterloo (great defeat or failure)
waterpolista {mf}  :: water polo player
waterproof {adj}  :: waterproof (all senses)
watt {m}  :: watt
wattmetro {m} [physics]  :: wattmeter
wattometro {m} [physics]  :: wattmeter
wattora {m}  :: watt-hour
wattorametro {m} [physics]  :: watt-hour meter
wattsecondo {m} [physics]  :: watt-second, joule
watusso {adj}  :: Watusi (attributive)
wawa {m} [music]  :: wah-wah (sound, or mute used to produce it)
wazaari {m}  :: waza-ari
web {m} [computing]  :: web (Internet)
webcam {f} [computing, photography]  :: webcam
weber {m} [physics]  :: weber
webisodio {m}  :: webisode
webliografia {f} [Internet]  :: webliography
weblioteca {f} [Internet]  :: web guide, portal
webmania {f}  :: Excessive use or reliance upon the Internet considered as a disease
weekend {m}  :: weekend
welfare {m}  :: welfare state
welfarismo {m}  :: welfarism
wellerismo {m}  :: Wellerism
wellness {mf} [very, rare]  :: wellness (good health)
welter {m}  :: welter-weight
Wendy {prop}  :: Wendy
wengé {m}  :: wenge (tree, wood)
wertherismo {m}  :: Wertherism
wesleyano {adj}  :: Wesleyan, Methodist
wesleyano {m}  :: Wesleyan, Methodist
west {m}  :: West (historic area of America)
western {m}  :: western (film genre)
Westfalia {prop}  :: Westphalia
Westfaliano {m} [geology]  :: Westphalian (period)
Wezen {prop}  :: Wezen, the third brightest star in the constellation of Canis Majoris
whig {adj}  :: Whig (attributive)
whig {m}  :: Whig
whiskino {m}  :: glass or tot of whiskey
whisky {m}  :: whisky, whiskey
whist {m}  :: whist (card game)
wicca {f}  :: Wicca
wiccano {adj}  :: Wiccan
wifi {mf}  :: Wi-Fi
wigwam {m}  :: wigwam
wikificante {v}  :: present participle of wikificare
wikificare {v}  :: To wikify
Wikinotizie {prop}  :: The Italian version of Wikinews
Wikizionario {prop}  :: Wiktionary
willemite {f} [mineralogy]  :: willemite
wimpzilla {m}  :: wimpzilla
windsurf {m}  :: windsurfer
windsurf {m}  :: windsurfing
windsurfista {mf}  :: windsurfer
wireless {adj} [computing]  :: wireless
wireless {m}  :: wireless (transmission without wires)
wojtyliano {adj}  :: Relating to the pontificate of w:Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła)
wojtylismo {m}  :: The religious doctrine and politics of w:Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła)
wolframato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tungstate
wolframico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: tungstic
wolframio {m} [chemistry]  :: tungsten
würstel {m}  :: frankfurter, hot dog