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The following are Old French terms used in etymologies. Originally generated by User:TheDaveRoss, it's now also maintained by hand. Only terms used in etymologies may be added to this list. For any other requests, please use WT:RE:fro.

Old French[edit]

Aims, roughly in this order:

  1. create Old French sections when one is not present, and the term can be shown to be in use in Old French (WT:AFRO)
  2. remove links from this page for terms that have the relevant Old French section
  3. correct links, for example to an Old French form that we have instead of a red link
  4. if term in etymology appears to be unattestable, do nothing

Anyone can edit this page, as long as the edits are 'correct'.


  1. -alt (-aud)


  1. Adeline (Adeline)
  2. Afrique (Africque)
  3. alegement (allegement) - done but not with the requested sense
  4. Alison (Alison)
  5. Amee (Amy)
  6. Ameline (Emmeline)
  7. amenance (amenance)
  8. antique (anticque)
  9. arrumage (rummage)
  10. asaillant (assailant)
  11. Aveline (Evelyn)


  1. baé (bay)
  2. baie (bay)
  3. bay (bay)
  4. bayer (bay)


  1. cambre (camber)
  2. cauquer (caulk)
  3. cholle (cholla)
  4. ci gist (ci-gît)


  1. Elene (Elaine)
  2. entrever (entraver)
  3. escare (scar)
  4. eschiu (schivo)
  5. eschiu (schifo)
  6. esclate (slate)
  7. escroue (screw)


  1. fausset (fawcett)
  2. favorit (favorite)


  1. Geoffroi (Geoffrey)
  2. Gide (Giles)


  1. hymnodie (hymnody)


  1. James (James)
  2. jansier (sanjar)
  3. Joscelin (Jocelyn)
  4. Joseph (Seosamh)
  5. Josse (Joyce)
  6. joyaux (joyau)


  1. Melisende (Millicent)
  2. Milo (Miles)


  1. niche (niche)
  2. nois mugede (nutmeg)


  1. par ce ke (parce que)
  2. peinal (penal)


  1. redacter (redact)
  2. relevant (relevant)
  3. rempart (rempart)
  4. representatif (representative)
  5. riveret (rivulet)
  6. rondelet (runlet)


  1. silogisme (syllogism)
  2. sophistrie (sophistry) - the website claims that Godefroy lists sofisterie, but as far as I can see, it doesn't.
  3. soulegier (soulager)
  4. sucre candi (candy)
  5. suffragam (suffragan)


  1. toiere (tuyere)
  2. tonelet (tonnelet)
  3. tour (tour)
  4. train (train)
  5. tripe (tripe)
  6. trique (trick)
  7. trousse (truss)