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WT:FUN competition[edit]

For this competition, we will be playing a variety of a board game. The board is identical to a board in another board game, and the tiles used are identical to the ones used in the English version of said game. The rules are based upon it too, but modified to allow more "words". I'm assuming that everyone knows the basic rules of the board game, if not - look at this.

Modifications to the rules[edit]

  1. Acceptable words
    1. Any word in any language that uses Roman script and that passes WT:CFI is accepted. Spaces, capital letters, hyphens, punctuation, diacritical marks etc. are allowed, but for the sake of gameplay, are ignored when being put on the board. So, the word alitayttaa will be accepted as alitäyttää is a word. The words lookupto, YMCA, top-heavy are, therefore, valid too. Letters such as œ may be used as either o or e.
    2. Words not using the Roman alphabet are also valid, provided they are properly transliterated according to the general rules of the language. Hence, bystreje is allowed, as быстрее is a Russian word.
  2. Scoring: As multiple players will play with the same letters at the same time, the scoring system must be modified.
    1. Every round lasts for a day, or at least until the time when the Gamesmaster is next online after a period of 24 hours.
    2. With the seven tiles, players must make the word with the most points. Points are awarded in exactly the same way as in normal English-language Scrabble. Players should email their words to the Gamesmaster in such a way to show the starting place and the direction, e.g. [H7 across: bystreje]. Every player gets a corresponding score which will be placed in the points section.
    3. The highest-scoring word will be placed onto the board, and then new letters will be taken out of a virtual bag for the next round. In the result of a tie, the first player to submit gets their word on the table.
    4. Play continues thus until all the letters have been used up. The player with the highest total score is the winner.
  3. Contesting words
    1. Anybody is free to contest the validity of any words. Any words played which are later deleted from Wiktionary will incur a penalty of receiving nil points.


  • Gold - Triple word
  • Pink - Double word
  • Purple - Triple letter
  • Cyan - Double letter
2 R1 O1 D2 I1 A1 C3 E1
3 E1 L*0 U1 E1 N1 T1 S1
4 G2 R1 A1 B3 O1 W4 E1 K5
5 O1 T1 X8 V4 A1 C*0 H4 U1
6 I1
7 N1
8 T1
9 R1
Y4 T1 O1 N1 L1 I1 E1



On a blank board, with letters R - 1 J - 8 F - 4 A - 1 G - 2 S - 1 M -3

  • Bob - H6 down - ARMS - 12 points
  • Dave- E8 across - JAMS - 26 points
  • Ladylove988 - H6 down JARGS - 42 points
  • Sockpuppet9923 - H4 down - JMARsFG - 0 points (invalid word)
  • Maddog44 - H4 down - FARMS - 28 points

In this case, Ladylove988's word JARGS is placed onto the board, after she adds the word jargs to the dictionary.

April 16[edit]

  • Wikitiki: H4 down: KVINTR (Old Norse kvintr) - 36 pts (yours on board as it was the first received)
  • MK: thrink [G8 across] - 36 pts
  • SB: H8 across KNIV - 22 pts
  • WF: think [H8 down] - 34 pts

April 18[edit]

  • Wikitiki: E5 across: OTXVACHU (a possible transliteration of Russian отхвачу), 130 pts
  • MK: Theux F10 across by kvintre, 47 pts
  • SB: F6 across XOI (= xoi), 26 pts
  • WF: THORAUX, I3 DOWN, 113 pts

April 19[edit]

  • MK: 4A across: Grabówek 106 pts
  • SB: G3 down BOX (& G4 across OK), 21 pts
  • Wikitiki: B7 across: Oberwang, 70 pts
  • WF: G7 DOWN - BREGOVA брегова - 80 pts

April 21[edit]

  • SB: D1 down STUB, 7 pts
  • Wikitiki: A3 across: ELUENTS, also spells EG, LR, UA, EB, NOO, TWT, SEX -- 96 points
  • MK: 3A across: NEUSTEN (with first N being the blank) 96
  • WF: 1A Down: Tungenes, 131 pts

April 23[edit]

  • MK: 2A across: RODIACE 128 and reg, ǫlr, dua, IEB, anoo, CTWT, Esex apparently too. Please provide evidence of these words! I'm not convinced that they are valid...
  • SB: A1 down DOEG 3*6 = 18
  • WF: A1 down odegracie, 167 pts