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Etymology 1[edit]

From earlier ins na, from Old Irish isna, from Proto-Celtic *in sindās (in the pl accusative).

Alternative forms[edit]


sna (triggers h-prothesis)

  1. Contraction of i + na.
    Tá sí ina cónaí sna hIndiacha Thiar.
    She lives in the West Indies
Usage notes[edit]

This contraction is obligatory, i.e. *i na never appears uncontracted. Triggers h-prothesis of a following vowel.

Related terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

Extracted from a reinterpretation of ins na as in sna


sna (triggers h-prothesis)

  1. (Munster) Alternative form of na (the pl)
Usage notes[edit]

This form is found after the prepositions aige, de, do, and ó, especially in older texts. In modern texts, aiges na has the s on the preposition, while desna, dosna, and ósna are more commonly written as single words—to the extent they are found at all, since they occur only in Munster dialect and are not part of the standard written language.