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From Latin abdūcō.


  • (Castilian) IPA(key): /abduˈθiɾ/, [aβðuˈθiɾ]
  • (Latin America) IPA(key): /abduˈsiɾ/, [aβðuˈsiɾ]


abducir (first-person singular present abduzco, first-person singular preterite abduje, past participle abducido)

  1. (physiology, anatomy) to abduce, to abduct (draw away from the median axis of the body)
    • 2008, Ronald McRae, Max Esser, Tratamiento práctico de fracturas, page 133:
      Existe dolor local a la palpación bajo el acromion y el brazo cae cuando el paciente intenta abducir el brazo. Más adelante puede ser capaz de abducir el brazo con movimientos accesorios.
      There is local pain upon palpation under the acromion and the arm falls when the patient attempts to abduct the arm. Later he may be able to abduct the arm with accessory movements.


  • Rule: c becomes a zc before a or o; the preterite is irregular.

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