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From ass(sharp) +‎ -ums.





  1. sharpness (the quality of that which is sharp, or pointed)
    cirvja asums‎ ― the sharpness of an ax
    akmens šķautnes asums‎ ― the sharpness of the stone edge
    durkļa asums‎ ― the sharpness of a bayonet
    lūk, tur jau mirdzēja apaļā zāģa asmens; viņš pārbaudīja ar pirkstu zobu asumu‎ ― see, there the circular saw blade was shining; he checked with (his) finger the (saw) tooth sharpness
  2. sharpness (the quality of features that are sharp, angular, not rounded)
    vaibstu asums‎ ― the sharpness of (facial) features
  3. sharpness (the quality of plants which have little thorns, or a sharp edge)
    nātres asums‎ ― the sharpness of nettles
  4. coarseness, roughness (the quality of skin, fabric, etc. which is coarse, rough)
    ādas asums'‎ ― the roughness , coarseness of the skin
  5. sharpness, spiciness, pungency
    smaržas asums‎ ― the pungency of the smell
    vēja asums‎ ― the sharpness of the wind
    sāpju asums‎ ― the sharpness of the pain
  6. sharpness (the quality of voices, words, texts, etc. which are sharp, biting, unsparing, fierce)
    balss asums‎ ― the sharpness of the voice
    satīras asums‎ ― the sharpness of the satire
  7. sharpness (the quality of lines, drawings, features, etc. which are sharp, well-defined, clearly marked)
    zīmējuma kontūru asums‎ ― the sharpness of the drawing contour
    fotoattēla asums‎ ― photo sharpness
  8. (of problems, questions) sharpness, clarity, importance
    Daugavmalā cīņa iedegās ar pieaugošu asumu‎ ― the fight on the banks of the Daugava (river) came on with increasing sharpness
  9. (of senses, thoughts) sharpness, acuity
    dzirdes, redzes asums‎ ― sharpness of hearing, of vision
    prāta ' asums‎ ― sharpness of mind
  10. (usually in the plural) pointed, sharp spines, growths, protuberances
    usnei ir tādi asumi, kas duras rokā‎ ― thistle has such sharp spines that it (can) pierce the hand
  11. (figuratively) sharp words, phrases
    runāt bez asumiem‎ ― to speak without sharp words
    izvairīties no liekiem asumiem‎ ― to avoid unnecessary roughness