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Borrowed from French bisel, a dialectal variant of biseau (sloping edge), a variation on bijou (jewel), itself from Breton bisou, bizou (ring worn on the finger), from biz (finger).

Unrelated to similar bevel, which is of a different French origin.



bezel (plural bezels)

  1. The sloping edge or face on a cutting tool.
  2. The oblique side or face of a cut gem; especially the upper faceted portion of a brilliant (diamond), which projects from its setting.
  3. The rim and flange which encompasses and fastens a jewel or other object, such as the crystal of a watch, in the cavity in which it is set.
    Synonym: collet
  4. (computing) The panel that covers the front of a computer case, or the panel covering each drive bay that can be removed to install a removable drive that requires external access, such as a CD/DVD-ROM drive, which usually has its own preinstalled bezel.
  5. (computing) The area on the front of a computing device surrounding the display.
    Modern smartphones have very thin bezels.


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