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From old French dialect biseau (sloping edge), variation on bijou (jewel), itself probably from Breton bisou, bizou (ring worn on the finger), from biz (finger).

Unrelated to similar bevel, which is of distinct French origin.



bezel (plural bezels)

  1. The sloping edge or face on a cutting tool.
  2. The oblique side or face of a cut gem; especially the upper faceted portion of a brilliant (diamond), which projects from its setting.
  3. The rim and flange which encompasses and fastens a jewel or other object, such as the crystal of a watch, in the cavity in which it is set; the collet.
  4. The panel that covers the front of a computer case, or the panel covering each drive bay that can be removed to install a removable drive that requires external access, such as a CD/DVD-ROM drive, which usually has its own preinstalled bezel.


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