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From Proto-Baltic *benž-, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰenǵʰ- (thick, tight), from *bʰen- (to hit, to injure) (with the meaning evolving from “to hit” > “to swell,” “swollen” > “thick”). Cognates include Old Norse bingr (stack, heap), Old High German bungo (ball, tangle), Hittite panku-s (whole, shared, united), Sanskrit बहुः (bahúḥ, much, many; great), Ancient Greek παχύς (pakhús, thick, tight), Latin pīnguis (fat, thick) (< *finguis, influenced by *pīmos “fat”).[1]




biezs (definite biezais, comparative biezāks, superlative visbiezākais, adverb biezi)

  1. thick, dense (made of many component elements, all very close to one another)
    biezs krūmājsthick underbrush
    bieza kūlathick old grass
    bieza sūnathick moss
    biezi matithick hair
    bieza cilvēku drūzmathick crowd
    biezs siļķu barsthick group, school of herring
  2. (of gases, fog, smoke, etc.) thick, dense, concentrated
    biezi tvaika mutuļithick puffs of vapor
    biezā rudens rīta miglathick autumn morning mist
    dūmu mutuļi kļuva arvien biezāki un tumšākithe puffs of smoke became thicker and darker
  3. (of liquids) thick, viscous (flowing slowly, with difficulty)
    biezs medus, krējumsthick honey, cream
    ūdens ezerā ir melns kā darva un biezs kā auzu ķīselisthe water in (that) lake is black as tar and thick as oaātmeal jelly
  4. (of night, darkness) thick, dark
    vakara krēsla kļuva arvien biezākathe twilight became thicker
    tumsa bija tik bieza, ka saredzēt nekā nevarējathe darkness was so thick that it was impossible to look around
  5. (of leaf-like objects) thick (having a large cross-section)
    bieza siena, grāmatathick wall, book
    biezs dēlis, papīrsthick board, paper
    biezas lūpasthick lips
  6. (with indication of thickness) thick
    0,5 milimetri biezs skārds5mm-thick metal sheet
    vairākus metrus bieza smilts u māla kārtaa many-meter-thick layer of sand and clay
  7. (of fabric, knitting, clothes) thick, tight (not thin; also, such that there is little space between the threads)
    bieza jakathick jacket
    biezs audeklsthick canvas
    viņai bija milzīgi garš, biezs sēru šķidrauts, kas tik pamatīgi aizsedza sejushe had a very long, thick veil that thoroughly hid her face



  • (of "dense", "thick", "with little intermediate space"): blīvs
  • (of "thick hair"): ciets
  • (of "tight"): ciešs
  • (of cylindrical objects): resns


Derived terms[edit]


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