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boom +‎ -er



boomer (plural boomers)

  1. An adult male kangaroo.
  2. (slang) A baby boomer.
    OK, boomer. (2019 Internet meme)
  3. Something that makes a booming sound.
    • 2010, Pearl Cleage, Till You Hear from Me (page 151)
      That's when the Rev let loose one of those great big boomers of a laugh. It was so loud in the closed space, the effect was what Wes imagined it felt like to hear a bullet fired in a car.
  4. (US, mainly 1920–1930) A transient worker who would move from boom town to boom town in search of temporary work.
  5. A device used to bind or tighten chain.
  6. (US, nautical, military, slang) A nuclear ballistic missile submarine, SSBN.
    • 1990, The Hunt For Red October:
      Distant contact, probably submerged. It's a wild guess, but I'd say we hit a boomer coming out of the barn. Could be a missile boat out of Polijarny.
  7. (Britain) A bittern (subfamily Botaurinae).
  8. (Appalachia) A red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus).
  9. A mountain beaver (Aplodontia rufa).
    Synonyms: sewellel beaver, sewellel

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Borrowed English boomer, a clipping of baby boomer. Equivalent to boom +‎ -er.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbuː.mər/
  • Hyphenation: boo‧mer


boomer m (plural boomers)

  1. (informal) A baby boomer, stereotypically associated with selfish or old-fashioned ideas. [from ca. 2000]