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Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (lord, SV: chủ), also used as a Sino-Vietnamese syllable in a few compounds. Doublet of chủ (master; owner).



chúa ()

  1. Dated form of chủ (master; lord).
    chúa sơn lâm
    the tiger, the lord of the jungle
  2. (historical) an informal Vietnamese nobility title similar to the Chinese (vương, noble prince/duke), formally simply vương, used for the de facto rulers of the Trịnh and Nguyễn families under the guise of aiding the puppet Lê emperors
    chúa Trịnh/Nguyễn / Trịnh/Nguyễn vương
    the Trịnh/Nguyễn lords
    Thời Lê Trung Hưng, chúa Trịnh nắm thực quyền triều chính, biến vua tôi nhà Lê thành bù nhìn.
    During the Restored Lê dynasty, the Trịnh lord held real political power, turning the Lê monarchy into a puppet.
  3. (colloquial) a "lord" (compare English overlord) (someone who is the "pinnacle" of something)
    chúa lười
    slacker lord


chúa ()

  1. (of an insect) being a queen
    ong chúa
    a queen bee
  2. elegant
    ăn mặc chúa
    to be elegantly dressed
  3. amazing
    Về toán thì nó chúa lắm.
    He is very amazing in mathematics.



  1. (chiefly Northern Vietnam) very; mighty
    Thằng bé chúa bướng.
    He's so darn stubborn.

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