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See chaperon.



chaperone (plural chaperones)

  1. An older person who accompanies other younger people to ensure the propriety of their behaviour, often an older woman accompanying a young woman.
  2. (biochemistry) A protein that assists the non-covalent folding/unfolding and the assembly/disassembly of other macromolecular structures, but does not occur in these structures when the latter are performing their normal biological functions.
  3. (UK, business) An employee sent by a British company to the European Union to work with a client there, to circumvent restrictions imposed after Brexit.

Derived terms[edit]



chaperone (third-person singular simple present chaperones, present participle chaperoning, simple past and past participle chaperoned)

  1. To act as a chaperone.
    • 1912, George Bernard Shaw, “Act V”, in Pygmalion[1]:
      DOOLITTLE [] If it had been only one of them, you could have nailed him. But you see, there was two; and one of them chaperoned the other, as you might say.
    • 2006, The New Yorker, 17 April 2006, page 27.
      'Purcell had volunteered to chaperone a delegation of female students'
    • 2021 June 30, Tim Dunn, “How we made... Secrets of the London Underground”, in RAIL, number 934, pages 48-49:
      TfL has more than enough to be getting on with each day without having to chaperone TV crews.
  2. (UK, business) To work as a chaperone.


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