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From Middle French. Compare French consistance.


consistence (countable and uncountable, plural consistences)

  1. (archaic) The physical quality which is given by the degree of firmness, solidity, density, and viscosity; consistency.
    • Arbuthnot
      Let the expressed juices be boiled into the consistence of a sirup.
  2. The staying together, or remaining in close relation, of non-physical things.
    Her performance has lacked consistence over the last year.
    This composer's musical work is of extraordinary consistence.
  3. (obsolete) Standing still; quiescence; state of rest.
  4. (obsolete) The condition of standing or adhering together, or being fixed in union, as the parts of a body; existence; firmness; coherence; solidity.
    • Francis Bacon
      Water, being divided, maketh many circles, till it restore itself to the natural consistence.
    • Jeremy Taylor
      We are as water, weak, and of no consistence.
    • 1830, The Veterinarian
      When it was brought to the school it discharged from its right nostril, a whitish, viscid, clotty matter, which, although of little consistence, strongly adhered to the sides of the nostril.
  5. (obsolete) That which stands together as a united whole; a combination.
    • Milton
      The church of God, as meaning whole consistence of orders and members.

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