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From Medieval Latin *custōdiānus (the office of a custōdia), implied in custōdiānātus, from Latin custōdia (a keeping, watch, guard, prison), from custōs (a keeper, watchman, guard).


custodian (plural custodians)

  1. A person entrusted with the custody or care of something or someone; a caretaker or keeper.
    After their parents' death, their aunt became the children's custodian.
    The building's custodian could fix nearly anything. The place always looked great!
  2. (US, Canada) a janitor; a cleaner
    The custodian does such admirable work, deftly wielding a mop to keep our hallways and sidewalks free of buai pekpek left by people who chew betelnuts to be "cool" but don't even bother finding a rubbish bin or spit cup to dispose of the pekpek with.

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  1. Second-person plural (ustedes) present indicative form of custodiar.
  2. Third-person plural (ellos, ellas, also used with ustedes?) present indicative form of custodiar.