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donk ‎(plural donks)

  1. (Australia, slang) A car's engine.
  2. (Australia, slang) A fool.
  3. (Britain, uncountable) A sub-genre of scouse house music (from a common percussive sound used in it).
  4. (poker, derogatory) A poor player who makes mistakes.


donk ‎(third-person singular simple present donks, present participle donking, simple past and past participle donked)

  1. (Australia, colloquial, slang) To provide a second person with a lift on a bicycle (formerly, on a horse), seating the passenger either in front (on the handlebar) or behind (sharing the seat); to travel as a passenger in such manner.
    • 1947, Southerly: The Magazine of the Australian English Association, Sydney, Volumes 8-10, page 87,
      It was the scene where Steve, Blue, Charl and Pricie-ole-man all mount Seldomfed in the dark and rain on their way to rob a neighbour′s orchard. It would very likely raise a reminiscent smile or grin from one who doubled or trebled or quadrupled-donked it to school.
  2. (slang, transitive) To hit.
    He donked me on the head!
    • 2007, Mardi McConnochie, Dangerous Games, page 121,
      He rested my shoulder on the lid of the toilet seat and tried pushing me out feet first, but I sagged in the middle and jack-knifed onto the floor, donking my head on the porcelain.
    • 2011, Susan Brocker, The Wolf in the Wardrobe, unnumbered page,
      Little Red Riding Hood donked the Big Bad Wolf on the head with the basket and the audience laughed.


Derived terms[edit]




From Proto-Germanic *dungō, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰengʰ- ‎(to cover; covering). Possibly related to donker ‎(dark).


donk f ‎(plural donken, diminutive donkje n)

  1. A sandy hill, typically of glacial origin, protruding above a silty area.