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A double-decker bus.

Alternative forms[edit]


double +‎ deck +‎ -er


double-decker (plural double-deckers)

  1. A vehicle (usually a bus, coach or train) or aircraft with two floors.
  2. A frigate with two decks above the waterline.
  3. (figuratively) Any object with two layers or parts stacked on top of each other.
    1. A sandwich with three slices of bread, whose toppings are on both sides of the middle slice.
  4. (journalism) A headline that is two lines long.
  5. (India, LGBT slang) a man who both penetrates (top) and is penetrated (bottom) in sex with other men; sometimes also has relationships with women and/or presents masculine as well as feminine mannerisms and appearances.
    • 2011 December, Beena Thomas et al., “HIV in Indian MSM: Reasons for a concentrated epidemic & strategies for prevention”, in The Indian Journal of Medical Research[1], volume 134, number 6, →DOI, →ISSN, →PMID, page 921:
      Indian MSM include self-identified gay men (Western acculturated), kothis (men who tend to be the receptive male partner in anal and oral sex and typically have more effeminate mannerisms), panthis (men who tend to be the insertive male partner in anal and oral sex), and double deckers (men who are both receptive and insertive partners). While MSM may self-identify as kothi, the terms panthi and double-decker are generally given by kothis to their male partners based on their sexual roles.
    • 2016 June 6, “Understanding LGBTQ+: An exhaustive explainer on gender and sexual identities”, in The News Minute[2]:
      A double-decker is a term used for someone who functions as both. Double-deckers and Kothis have a high risk of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases according to studies among different MSM sub-groups in the nation.
    • 2021 April, Steven A Safren et al., “Strengthening resilience to reduce HIV risk in Indian MSM: a multicity, randomised, clinical efficacy trial”, in The Lancet Global Health[3], volume 9, number 4, →DOI, →PMID, page e448:
      Participants were either kothi (feminine acting, usually the receptive sexual partner) or double-decker (either insertive or receptive sexual partner; usually has male and female partners) at screening, and were required to speak English, Tamil (in Chennai), or Hindi (in Mumbai) fluently.
    Synonyms: versatile, vers, switch


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