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Alternative forms[edit]


Phonetic respelling of docs, which is a short form of documents.



dox pl (plural only)

  1. (slang) Documents, especially information sought by hackers about an individual (address, credit card numbers, etc.).
    • 1995, "J Eric Chard", Will Vinton's Playmation (on newsgroup
      Why is it that, even after DECADES of carping from Jerry Pournelle, software companies STILL don't hire competent professionals to write their dox?
    • 2002, "X", this is getting old (on newsgroup houston.general)
      its ok, someone emailed me his address, phone #, ss#, the works. seems theres[sic] someone out there that dislikes him more than i do. i cant wait to hear how many people have his dox now. this should be really interesting...
    • 2004, "Andrew D Kirch", Here is something that will work for the rest of us (on newsgroup
      judging by the lack of the 6 it would appear we have our spammer here, LETS[sic] PULL HIS DOX!


dox (third-person singular simple present doxes, present participle doxing, simple past and past participle doxed)

  1. Alternative form of doxx (publish the personal information of (an individual) on the Internet)