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Alternative forms[edit]


equalize +‎ -er


equalizer (plural equalizers)

  1. One who makes equal; a balancer.
  2. (sports) A goal, run, point, etc. that equalizes the score.
    • 2011 October 1, Phil Dawkes, “Sunderland 2 - 2 West Brom”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      [Bendtner was central to it at all, firstly firing home, via a deflection off Gareth McAuley, after being teed up by Sebastien Larsson's neat backheel, and then a minute later crossing for Elmohamady to head in an equaliser.
    • 2011 May 16, Mike Driscoll, “Pirates plunder top spot with late attack”, in Illawarra Mercury[2], page 36:
      Mariners scored a run in the seventh inning and the equaliser in the top of the ninth, after Braves’ starting pitcher Ashley Crump had dominated—throwing six scoreless innings for just two hits.
  3. A electronic audio device for altering the frequencies of sound recordings.
  4. A device, such as a bar, for operating two brakes, especially a pair of hub brakes for an automobile, with equal force.
  5. Any device for equalizing the pull of electromagnets.
  6. A conductor of low resistance joining the armature ends of the series field coils of dynamos connected in parallel.
  7. A sliding panel to preserve the lateral stability of an aeroplane.
  8. (mathematics) A set of arguments where two or more functions have equal values; the solution set of an equation.
  9. (category theory) A morphism whose codomain is the domain of a parallel pair of morphisms and which forms part of the limit of that parallel pair. Equivalently, a morphism which equalizes a parallel pair of morphisms in a limiting way, which is to say that any other morphism which equalizes that parallel pair factors through this limiting morphism.
  10. (Canada, US, slang) a weapon, usu. a blackjack or gun