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Etymology 1[edit]

a fondant ("candy"), filled with fondant ("creamy sugar preparation")
a flower made from rolled fondant sheets
a frosted cake covered with ribbons made from rolled fondant sheets

19th century. From French fondant (melting), from fondre (to melt), from Latin fundere (to melt).


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fondant (countable and uncountable, plural fondants)

  1. (usually uncountable) A flavored, creamy sugar preparation, used for icing cakes or as a base for candies.
  2. (countable) A candy filled with such a preparation.
  3. (food) a sugar dough, usually prepared as large sheets (rolled fondant), used in place of icing to cover large areas of cakes, composed of sugar, water, gelatin, glycerine
  4. (usually uncountable) Fondue.
    fondant chocolate, fondant cheese
    • 2010, Paul Karr, Frommer's Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine (ISBN 0470730722):
      Start with a Cortland apple salad, beets with goat cheese fondant, []
  5. (usually uncountable) The base or flux, in enamel, which is colored throughout by metallic oxide while in a state of fusion.

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Etymology 2[edit]

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The blue bird on the yellow background (towards the bottom of the shield) is fondant; the yellow bird on the blue background is montant.


fondant (not comparable)

  1. (heraldry) Stooping, as for prey: said of an eagle, a falcon, etc.



< French



  1. Alternative term for fondantti.


Inflection of fondant (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative fondant fondantit
genitive fondantin fondantien
partitive fondantia fondanteja
illative fondantiin fondanteihin
singular plural
nominative fondant fondantit
accusative nom. fondant fondantit
gen. fondantin
genitive fondantin fondantien
partitive fondantia fondanteja
inessive fondantissa fondanteissa
elative fondantista fondanteista
illative fondantiin fondanteihin
adessive fondantilla fondanteilla
ablative fondantilta fondanteilta
allative fondantille fondanteille
essive fondantina fondanteina
translative fondantiksi fondanteiksi
instructive fondantein
abessive fondantitta fondanteitta
comitative fondanteineen

Usage notes[edit]

  • Finnish and English "fondant" do not mean same things.




  1. present participle of fonder
  2. present participle of fondre


fondant (feminine singular fondante, masculine plural fondants, feminine plural fondantes)

  1. melting
  2. melt in the mouth


fondant f (plural fondants)

  1. fondant (all senses)



fondant m (plural fondants)

  1. fondant (confectionery)