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From English dialectal (Northern England/Scotland), deverbal of take in, equivalent to in- +‎ take. More at in-, take.



intake (countable and uncountable, plural intakes)

  1. The place where water, air or other fluid is taken into a pipe or conduit; opposed to outlet.
  2. The beginning of a contraction or narrowing in a tube or cylinder.
  3. The quantity taken in.
    the intake of air
  4. An act or instance of taking in
    an intake of oxygen or food
  5. The people taken into an organisation or establishment at a particular time.
    the new intake of students
  6. A tract of land enclosed.
  7. (Britain, dialectal) Any kind of cheat or imposition; the act of taking someone in.



intake (third-person singular simple present intakes, present participle intaking, simple past intook, past participle intaken)

  1. To take or draw in (in all the senses of the noun).

Derived terms[edit]