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From Proto-Austronesian *qapuR (lime, calcium). Possibly from the same source as Proto-Austronesian *qabu (ash, cinder, powder) ("lime" in some descendants). Cognate with Tagalog apog (lime), Bunun habu (ash, powder, lime), Tsou hapuyu (lime), Eastern Cham [script needed] (kapū).

Compare the Austroasiatic loanwords: Proto-Mon-Khmer *knpur (lime) (whence Khmer កំបោរ (kɑmbao, lime, quicklime; plaster), Middle Mon gapuiw (lime) > Mon ဂပဵု (həpɒ, lime, stalked lime), Vietnamese vôi (lime), Muong pôl (lime)), as well as Khmer កប៌ូរ (kāpōr, camphor).

Mayrhofer explains the anlaut-variation observed in the descendants by the Austronesian prefix-variation kar- : kam- : ka-.




  1. lime (calcium oxide, quicklime)


(taking Malay as representative for all Austronesian)


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