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From Proto-Austronesian *qapuʀ (lime, calcium). Possibly from the same source as Proto-Austronesian *qabu (ash, cinder, powder) ("lime" in some descendants). Cognate with Tagalog apog (lime), Bunun habu (ash, powder, lime), Tsou hapuyu (lime), Eastern Cham [script needed] (kapū).

Compare the Austroasiatic loanwords: Proto-Mon-Khmer *knpur (lime) (whence Khmer កំបោរ (kɑmbao, lime, quicklime; plaster), Middle Mon gapuiw (lime) > Mon ဂပဵု (həpɒ, lime, stalked lime), Vietnamese vôi (lime), Muong pôl (lime)), as well as Khmer កប៌ូរ (kāpōr, camphor).

Mayrhofer explains the anlaut variation observed in the descendants by the Austronesian prefix-variation kar- : kam- : ka-.




  1. lime (calcium oxide, quicklime)


(taking Malay as representative for all Austronesian)


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