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  1. indefinite genitive singular of laukur


Rudzu lauks (1)
Ledus lauks (2)
Elektromagnētiskais lauks (6)


From Proto-Baltic *lawk-, from Proto-Indo-European *lewk-(to shine; bright; to see), whence also the Latvian adjective lauks(light (color)) (q.v.). As a noun (with intonational change), the meaning evolution was probably “light, clear (place)” > “open place” > “field.” Cognates include Lithuanian laũkas, Old High German lōh(forest clearing overgrown with bushes) (< *lauh) Old Prussian laucks, Sanskrit लोकः(lokáḥ, free space, clearing; world), Latin lūcus(sacred grove) (< “glade, clearing near a grove”).[1]




lauks m (1st declension)

  1. field (area of land occupied by one or a few plant species, usually crops)
    rudzu, kviešu, linu lauks‎ ― rye, wheat, flax field
    kartupeļu, biešu, kāpostu lauks‎ ― potato, beet, cabbage field
    aparts lauks‎ ― plowed, labored field
    nokopts lauks‎ ― cleared field
    sagatavot lauku sējai‎ ― to prepare a field for sowing
    pirmie pavasara lauku darbi‎ ― the first field works of spring
    lauka gurķi‎ ― field cucumbers (i.e., grown in the open air)
    lauku puķes‎ ― field flowers (i.e., those that grow freely in meadows, fields, etc,)
    lauku zvirbulis‎ ― field sparrow (species found in rural areas)
    lauku balodis ir lielāks par mājas balodi‎ ― the field (= wild) pigeon is bigger than the house (= domestic) pigeon
  2. field (a large surface or clearing formed by something, where something can be found)
    ledus, sniega lauks‎ ― ice, snow field
    kapu lauks, kapulauks‎ ― graveyard (lit. grave field)
    mīnu lauks‎ ― mine field
  3. (singular only) outside area, exterior
    ienākt no lauka istabā‎ ― to come into the room from outside
    bērni varēja iet rotaļās, skraidīt pa lauku un pēcāk visi kopā ēst vakariņas‎ ― the children could go play, run outside and later all together eat dinner
  4. area (environment, place, branch of knowledge, where some work, process, action will happen)
    darba lauks, darbalauks‎ ― field of work, activity
    kara lauks, karalauks‎ ― battleground (lit. war field)
    kaujas lauks‎ ― battlefield
    redzes lauks‎ ― field of vision
    darbības lauks‎ ― scope (lit. field of action)
    E. Eferts-Klusais spraigi darbojās kultūras un izglītības laukā‎ ― E. Eferts-Klusais worked strenuously in the field of culture and education
    celtniecība iespējams atrast daudz, daudz jaunu ceļu; šis darba lauks gaidīt gaida cilvēkus ar nemierīgu sirdi un dzīvu fantāziju‎ ― in construction it is possible to find many, many new paths; this field of work is just waiting for people with a restless heart and living fantasy
  5. (military, in the genitive) field... (which happens in, or is suitable for, deployment or combat situations)
    lauka hospitālis‎ ― field hospital
    lauka virtuve‎ ― field kitchen
    lauka soma‎ ― field bag
    lauka kara tiesa‎ ― field court martial
    lauka kapelāns‎ ― field chaplain
  6. (physics) field (region of space where a certain force or influence manifests itself)
    elektriskais, magnētiskais lauks‎ ― electric, magnetic field
    elektromagnētiskais lauks‎ ― electromagnetic field
    gravitācijas lauks‎ ― gravitational field
    akustiskais lauks‎ ― acoustic field
    kodolspēku lauks‎ ― nuclear force field
    mainīgs lauks‎ ― variable field
    lauka intensitāte‎ ― field intensity



  • (of "open area, for planting"): tīrums
  • (of "branch of knowledge"): nozare
  • (of "area outside"): ārs

Derived terms[edit]


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  1. third-person singular future tense of laukti.
  2. third-person plural future tense of laukti.