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luja (comparative lujempi, superlative lujin)

  1. firm
  2. sound
  3. fast


Inflection of luja (Kotus type 10/koira, no gradation)
nominative luja lujat
genitive lujan lujien
partitive lujaa lujia
illative lujaan lujiin
singular plural
nominative luja lujat
accusative nom. luja lujat
gen. lujan
genitive lujan lujien
partitive lujaa lujia
inessive lujassa lujissa
elative lujasta lujista
illative lujaan lujiin
adessive lujalla lujilla
ablative lujalta lujilta
allative lujalle lujille
essive lujana lujina
translative lujaksi lujiksi
instructive lujin
abessive lujatta lujitta
comitative lujine

Derived terms[edit]



luja f (plural luji)

  1. Monday



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Related to Finnish luja.



  1. strong, significant
  2. enthusiastic


Inflection of luja
nominative sing. luja
genitive sing. lujan
partitive sing. lujad
partitive plur. lujid
singular plural
nominative luja lujad
accusative lujan lujad
genitive lujan lujiden
partitive lujad lujid
essive-instructive lujan lujin
translative lujaks lujikš
inessive lujas lujiš
elative lujaspäi lujišpäi
illative  ? lujihe
adessive lujal lujil
ablative lujalpäi lujilpäi
allative lujale lujile
abessive lujata lujita
comitative lujanke lujidenke
prolative lujadme lujidme
approximative I lujanno lujidenno
approximative II lujannoks lujidennoks
egressive lujannopäi lujidennopäi
terminative I  ? lujihesai
terminative II lujalesai lujilesai
terminative III lujassai
additive I  ? lujihepäi
additive II lujalepäi lujilepäi


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