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Borrowed from Dutch magisch (magical).




  1. magical

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Etymology 1[edit]

Synchronically, comparative of magnopere (much, greatly), adverbial form of magnus (big, great), built from its root + Proto-Indo-European *-is, zero-grade of *-yōs. Full grade in maior/maius.

Diachronically from Proto-Italic *magis, from Proto-Indo-European m̥ǵh₂-is from Proto-Indo-European *méǵh₂yōs.

Alternative forms[edit]



magis (not comparable)

  1. more
    eo magisall the more
    magis magisque (or) et magismore and more
  2. more greatly
  3. better
  4. rather
    ac magisbut rather
    sed magisbut rather
Derived terms[edit]
  • Aromanian: ma
  • Asturian: más
  • Catalan: més (more), mai (never)
  • Dalmatian: mui
  • Franco-Provençal: més, mas
  • French: mais
  • Friulian: masse (too much), mai (never), ma
  • Galician: máis, mais
  • Istriot: mai
  • Italian: mai, ma
    • Greek: μα (ma)
    • Serbo-Croatian: ma
  • Neapolitan: ma, maje
  • Occitan: mai
  • Portuguese: mais, mas
  • Romanian: mai
  • Sardinian: mai, ma (but)
  • Sicilian: mai, ma
  • Spanish: más, mas

Etymology 2[edit]

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.



magīs m

  1. dative/ablative plural of magus


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Middle English[edit]


magis pl (plural only)

  1. Alternative form of mages