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Etymology 1[edit]

Synchronically, comparative of magnopere (much, greatly), adverbial form of magnus (big, great), built from its root + Proto-Indo-European *-is, zero-grade of *-yōs. Full grade in maior/maius.

Diachronically from Proto-Italic *magis, from Proto-Indo-European m̥ǵh₂-is from Proto-Indo-European *méǵh₂yōs.

Alternative forms[edit]



magis (not comparable)

  1. more
    eo magisall the more
    ac magisbut rather
    magis magisque (or) et magismore and more
  2. more greatly
  3. better
  4. rather
Derived terms[edit]
  • Aromanian: ma
  • Asturian: más
  • Catalan: més (more), mai (never)
  • Dalmatian: mui
  • Franco-Provençal: mas (but), més (more)
  • French: mais
  • Friulian: masse (too much), mai (never), ma (but)
  • Galician: máis (more), mais (but)
  • Greek: μα (ma, but)
  • Istriot: mai
  • Italian: mai, ma (but)
  • Neapolitan: ma, maje
  • Occitan: mai
  • Portuguese: mais (more), mas (but)
  • Romanian: mai
  • Sardinian: mai, mas (but) (Old Sardinian)
    • Sardinian: mai, ma (but)
  • Serbo-Croatian: ma
  • Sicilian: mai
  • Spanish: más (more), mas (but)

Etymology 2[edit]

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.



magīs m

  1. dative/ablative plural of magus


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Middle English[edit]


magis pl (plural only)

  1. Alternative form of mages