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  1. plural of mat




mats m

  1. plural of mat




  1. Romanization of 𐌼𐌰𐍄𐍃


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From Proto-Baltic *mat-, from Proto-Indo-European *mē-, *m-et- ‎(to mark, to measure), whence also Latvian mest ‎(to throw) (older meaning “to measure”, from Proto-Indo-European *mē-ti “measure,” “wisdom”). The original meaning was thus “measure,” “mark” (a derived meaning of “compensation, payment (for milling grain)” < “amount measured to be given as payment” is attested in older sources and in some dialects). The semantic evolution was “measure” > “body part used as measure unit” > “small measure / small body part used as measure unit” > “hair” (note that human and animal hair (wool) was an ancient small measure unit among many peoples, including ancient Latvians). In some expressions, traces of the earlier meaning of mats as “small measure unit” can still be seen: uz mata “correct,” mats matā “very precise,” ne par matu “not at all.” Cognates include Lithuanian mãtas ‎(measure, measure unit), Russian метить ‎(métit’, to mark, to label), Sanskrit माति ‎(māti), मिमाति ‎(mā́ti, mimā́ti, to measure), Albanian matë ‎(measure).[1]


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mats m (1st declension)

  1. (anatomy, usually plural) (head) hair (set of keratin filaments which grow on the top of a human being's head)
    gaiši, rudi, tumši, sirmi mati — light (= blond), red, dark, gray hair
    kastaņbrūni mati — auburn hair
    kupli, sprogaini, gludi mati — bushy, curly, smooth hair
    normāli, taukaini, sausi mati — normal, greasy, dry hair
    matu cirtas, sprogashair curls, locks
    matu pīnehair braid, plait, tress
    apgriezt matus — to trim one's hair, to have a haircut
    nogriezt matus īsus — to cut one's hair short
    nogriezt, nodzīt matus (uz nulli) — tu cut off one's hair (to zero)
    matu rullītishair roller
    matu lakahairspray
    matu eļļa, mateļļahair oil
    matu (sa)kārtojumshairdo
    matu mezglshair twists, knots
    līdzās ceļiniekiem stāv meitene ar pelēkām matu pīnēm — a girl with gray hair braids is standing next to the traveler
    dārzā līkņāja vecs vīrs bez neviena mata uz galvas — in the garden an old man without any hair on (his) head was stooping
  2. (anatomy, singular or plural) each keratin filament on the body of human beings or other animals
    mata stiebrshair shaft (above the skin)
    mata saknehair root (in the skin)
    mata sīpolshair bulb (under the skin)
    uz ķermeņa, rokām un kājām mati ir maigi, plāni, tos vēl sauc par pūku... uzacu, plakstu mati ir gari, saraini — on the body, arms and legs hairs are soft (and) thin, they are also called fuzz... eyebrow, eyelid hair (in contrast) is long, stubbly
    āpša ādu kažokrūpniecībā maz izmanto, jo mati rupji un cieti — badger skin is not used much in the fur industry, because (its) hairs are coarse and hard



Derived terms[edit]


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  1. indefinite genitive singular of mat