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Nams (1)
Kultūras nams (4)


From Proto-Baltic *namas, from *damas, from Proto-Indo-European *dṓm ‎(house). The irregular d > n change in Baltic is attributed either to dissimilation (in expressions like darīt namu “to make a house”), or to influence from Iranic languages (compare Avestan [script needed] ‎(nmāna, quarters, house) alongside [script needed] ‎(dəmāna), suggesting the existence of an Iranian form *nam-). Another suggestion was that Proto-Baltic *nam- could come from *nm̥- < *dm̥, the zero grade form of Proto-Indo-European *dṓm. Yet another possiblity is the influence of the stem of words like Ancient Greek νέμω ‎(némō, to tend, to distribute, to take to pasture), νομός ‎(nomós, pasture; division, distribution; residence, dwelling). Cognates include Lithuanian nãmas, Old Church Slavonic домъ ‎(domŭ), Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian дом ‎(dom), Ukrainian дім ‎(dim), Czech dům (genitive domu), Polish dom, Sanskrit दमः ‎(dámaḥ), Old Armenian տուն ‎(tun), Ancient Greek δόμος ‎(dómos), Latin domus.[1]




nams m (1st declension)

  1. house, building (esp. big, multi-storey, in the city)
    dzīvojamais nams — residential house
    daudzstāvu nams — multi-storey house
    vairākdzīvokļu nams — many-apartment house, building
    īres nams — rent house (= apartment building, i.e., a building with apartments to rent)
  2. house, location (of a celebration)
    kāzu nams — wedding house (= celebration)
    nama māte, namamāte — hostess (of a party, celebration)
  3. a famous or rich family
    Rotšildu nams — the house (= family) of Rothschild
  4. fairly large building, or part of a building, which usually has administrative, cultural, public or commercial functions
    zinātnes un tehnikas namsHouse of Science and Technology
    kultūras nams — House of Culture
    sporta nams — sports club
    mēbeļu nams — furniture house
    bērnu nams, bērnunams — children's home (= orphanage)
    Baltais nams — the White House



Derived terms[edit]


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  1. plural of nam