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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French palor (paleness, pallor), from Latin pallor, from palleō (I am or look pale, blanch).



pallor (countable and uncountable, plural pallors)

  1. Paleness; want of color; pallidity; wanness.
    pallor of the complexion
    • 1886, Robert Louis Stevenson, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde:
      "Sir," said the butler, turning to a sort of mottled pallor, "that thing was not my master, and there's the truth. My master"—here he looked round him and began to whisper—"is a tall, fine build of a man, and this was more of a dwarf."
    • 2019 May 16, Erik Adams, “A potent satire has its wings clipped in Catch-22”, in The A.V. Club[1]:
      Catch-22 is defined by the sickly pallor of its visual palette (a jaundiced tint that at least goes with Yossarian’s point of view and phony liver pains) and the way it makes the slog of its characters’ deployment a little too literal.


Further reading[edit]




From palleō (I am or look pale, blanch) +‎ -or, from Proto-Indo-European *pel- (gray).



pallor m (genitive pallōris); third declension

  1. a pale color, paleness, wanness, pallor
  2. (by extension) mustiness, moldiness, mildew
  3. (by extension) dimness, faintness
  4. (by extension) a disagreeable color or shape, unsightliness
  5. (figuratively) alarm, terror


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative pallor pallōrēs
Genitive pallōris pallōrum
Dative pallōrī pallōribus
Accusative pallōrem pallōrēs
Ablative pallōre pallōribus
Vocative pallor pallōrēs


Related terms[edit]


  • English: pallor
  • French: pâleur
  • Galician: balor
  • Italian: pallore
  • Portuguese: bolor, palor
  • Spanish: palor


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