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From French.


performant (comparative more performant, superlative most performant)

  1. (chiefly computing) Capable of or characterized by an adequate or excellent level of performance or efficiency.
    • 1977, J. Rose & C. Bilciu, editors, Modern trends in cybernetics and systems[1], page 735:
      The program ALGOLOG is highly performant: it generated 259 linear subproblems, instead of 223.
    • 2003, Rod Johnson, Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development[2], page 5:
      There are strong arguments that some features of J2EE, such as entity beans, can never be as performant in many situations as some alternatives.
  2. Of or relating to performance
    • 1990, Jean Alter, A Sociosemiotic Theory of Theatre, page 61:
      As a rule, however, the performant function, when it is supported by truly impressive circus performances, tends to monopolize the audience's attention.


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performant (plural performants)

  1. Someone who performs something, such as a ritual
    • 1979, Krishan Kumar, The Pailibos[3], page 169:
      If a performant happens to be on unfriendly terms with any one in the village, the performant does everything to get him reconciled long before the preparation is taken in hand.





  1. present participle of performer


performant (feminine singular performante, masculine plural performants, feminine plural performantes)

  1. efficient, effective, performant

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