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pico +‎ -ete (diminutive suffix)


  • IPA(key): /piˈkete/, [piˈke.t̪e]


piquete m (plural piquetes)

  1. prick (in the skin)
  2. shot, jab (with a syringe)
    Synonym: inyección
  3. injection
    Synonym: inyección
  4. sting (bump in the skin made by an insect)
    Synonym: roncha
  5. (slang, Mexico) a small or medium amount of a strong alcoholic beverage (usually tequila, rum or brandy) poured in a non-alcoholic beverage, such as punch, coffee, juice, soda beverage, etc.
    Dame un café, pero con piquete.
    Give me a coffee, but pour some alcohol in it.
  6. picket line

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